DextraData ONE Cloud

DextraData ONE Cloud

Long viewed skeptically, cloud services are now gaining momentum in Germany as well:

Two out of three companies already use services from the cloud, a study by Bitkom* documents.

* (03/2017)

In addition to technical parameters and flexible operating concepts, the security aspect remains a decisive factor for the sustainable cloud strategy of German companies.

Questions such as "Where is my data?", "How safe is it there?" must be clarified with legal certainty. 

The DextraData ONE Cloud gives the right answers to your questions. It includes a unique hybrid cloud portfolio from which you select the optimal building blocks according to your cloud planning. Protected by German data protection laws, your data is always under your and our control. If required, public cloud resources of leading providers can be flexibly integrated or exchanged.

The DextraData ONE Cloud ensures high availability, premium quality and high security. And that applies to the entire DextraData service portfolio. We combine the highest security and quality with flexibility for large companies and SMEs. When your IT department reaches its limits, you can rely on us. Our certified consultants are characterized by many years of expertise in the operation of IT infrastructures. You can confidently entrust them with the monitoring and operation of your infrastructure all the way to the OS level. On request including OS patch management, 3rd party software or virus patterns. Combine Colocation according to your needs with tailored services to ensure your business success.

By putting your IT in our hands, you can focus on your core business. 

That’s something we guarantee you!

The DextraData ONE Cloud at a glance

  • Colocation Services

    You are planning big things? We are ready for anything: As part of our colocation services we have around 2,515m2 space available for up to 1,000 racks. Do you prefer a cage or an individual room to store your data carriers? Or rather an electromagnetically shielded vault? No problem for us. Is your IT operation really safe on our premises?

    We guarantee full compliance and support of the banking laws BASEL III/IV, MA Risk Bafin and KWG § 25a and are certified according to ISO27001, ISO 9001 and PCI/DSS.

    And if there is a fire? We have 11 separate fire sections to ensure that your data is well protected.

    And what about the technology?

    Dedicated fiber connections to large cloud providers and Internet access via 500 carriers and various hubs are always available. A partnership with data centers in Frankfurt enables dual data center solutions, including synchronization of storage solutions between sites. Any questions? Contact us.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    More and more companies in Germany are choosing to transfer the operation of their private cloud to a service provider. Depending on which cloud strategy you prefer, we can support you with Private, Public IaaS or Hybrid IaaS based on VMware or OpenStack platforms.

    Managed Private Cloud

    As part of a managed private cloud, we ensure the operation of your virtual systems in a shared or dedicated configuration. Is it also necessary to consider physical systems? We will find a suitable solution for your specific scenario.

    Managed Hybrid Cloud

    Maximum flexibility of services is your ultimate goal? Then the Managed Hybrid Cloud is just right for your business. It combines your private cloud solution with the services of renowned public cloud providers, such as Microsoft, AWS etc.

    Your data will remain central at a certified German computer center.

    Managed Public Cloud

    You have decided on a comprehensive public cloud strategy? Then we'll be happy to help you set up, integrate and operate your cloud solution. We form the interface to the public cloud provider and ensure that everything runs smoothly in normal operation.

  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)

    Our portfolio for your data backup consists of the following alternatives:

    • Colocation, e.g. with Dell EMC Data Domain and Dell EMC NetWorker
    • Storage as a Service
    • NetApp Backup as a Service

    On request, we perform optional recovery tests to ensure the consistency and function of the backups.

    In order to achieve the highest level of security for your data, all of the capacities used are located in a separate fire compartment or on request in another data center.

    Our data replication service prepares for emergencies. In the case of technical malfunction, systems within our infrastructure can be operated in another fire compartment or in another data center.

    In addition, with Simple Storage Service (S3), scalable and very robust object storage is available for long-term archiving of your data, which can be used as a protocol and storage tier for StorageGRID Webscale.

  • Container as a Service (CaaS)

    An important factor in the competitiveness of your business is the speed of digitizing business models and processes. This requires your IT to quickly and cost-effectively develop new mobile, cloud-based solutions. That however is often hampered by a traditional IT infrastructure which can keep up with the high pace of development and innovation.

    This is where the principle of "containerization" comes into play. It remedies this problem by packing up applications with all accessories into transportable units - so-called containers - and transfers them to the cloud. With "Docker & Container as a Service" (CaaS) you are able to provide new applications and software functions within a very short time.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Virtualization solution for agile software development
    • Guaranteed high availability of the data and performance of your system
    • Immediate use (Platform as a Service)
    • Highest data security and persistence
    • Significantly lower costs
    • Ideal resource utilization
    • Consumption-based billing model („Pay per Use“)
    • Complete lifecycle management of the containers
    • Real-time monitoring of the infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

    The availability of your IT is the foundation of your business. But what happens if it is not available?

    In the event of a partial or complete failure of your IT landscape, a combination of regular backups and access to a platform for virtual servers (Infrastructure as a Service) ensures the continuation of your business operations.

    With disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) it is possible to restore the affected systems easily and reliably in a case of emergency. The advantages compared to dedicated IT resources in your own data center are obvious: they reduce your costs and ensure the continuity of your business operations.

    The service includes amongst others the optional restoration of servers in the public cloud.

  • Emergency workplaces

    Where do your employees work in case of an emergency when your own locations are no longer usable? Have you thought about that?

    We have. Therefore, in addition to the DextraData Disaster Recovery Service, we offer emergency workplaces which are immediately available. In doing so, we ensure that the interruption of critical business processes is minimized and your operations are maintained.

ONE Cloud Secure Data Space

Make your business 3 times safer

ONE Cloud Secure Data Space und Triple-Crypt Technology

Benefit from our secure Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution with high encryption standards.


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