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[Translate to en:] Hochverfügbarkeit – MIt DextraData One Cloud und Veeam Cloud Connect BackUp-Lösungen

Ensure High Availability - With DextraData ONE Cloud and Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Solutions

With DextraData Services and Veeam® Backup & Replication™ you create the right conditions for your business success - with an efficient backup strategy and high availability.

The cost-effective and powerful Veeam backup and data protection solution ensures agile, highly available recovery of data and virtualized applications. It provides backup and replication functionality for virtual machines - from VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V - in a single solution.

Ensure the availability for your business

With Veeam, you get efficient backups, fast restores, and advanced VM replication capabilities.

You can rely on recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) with time periods <15 minutes for all data and applications.

  • Functions of Veeam

    • Recovery of

      • complete virtual machines, including data and application objects
      • Objects and e-Discovery for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory - fast and agentless
      • Oracle and SQL Server databases at transaction level

    • Optimization of RPOs and 20 times faster backups with backup from storage snapshots from Cisco, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), NetApp and Nimble
    • Integrated disaster recovery and secure backup in the cloud - with Veeam Cloud Connect in the DextraData ONE Cloud
    • Automatic control of the recoverability of each backup and replica at any time
    • WAN acceleration - 50 times faster than normal data copying - to outsource backups and replicas to DextraData ONE Cloud
    • Scale-Out Backup Repository™ without limit, Direct Storage Access, including compression and deduplication
    • With one click: Disaster Recovery with Site Failover and Failback - without or with only minimal limitation of operation

With Cloud Connect into the DextraData ONE Cloud

Get to know the DextraData ONE Cloud Services and Veeam Cloud Connect, ensure high availability and save the costs of building and running your own external infrastructure.

Benefit from an integrated cloud solution for fast backup, replication and recovery.

All you have to do is decide on Veeam Backup & Replication, install the solution locally, connect it to Veeam Cloud Connect and the DextraData ONE Cloud.

As a service provider and upon request, DextraData also assumes responsibility for your backups. We ensures that physical and virtual backups are transferred to the DextraData ONE Cloud and virtual machines are replicated. Your data will be stored in a German high security data center.

It couldn’t be easier to realize cloud-based and external backups.

This is how your company benefits from Veeam

Disaster Recovery as a Service with Veeam

With Veeam Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service, DextraData provides a modular service that ensures reliable protection against the consequences of a failure of your primary IT. It can be flexibly combined with other optional Managed Services of the DextraData ONE Cloud.

The scalability of the cloud-based solution ensures cost-efficiency, as it is tailored to your individual needs. With performance tests and simulations, you can run emergency scenarios in order to take necessary measures in advance and therefore increase the security of your systems and minimize the risks in case of failure.

Veeam Cloud Connect offers you the following benefits:

  • Cost efficiency
    • No additional investment in infrastructure or hardware
  • Time efficiency
    • No additional administrative burden
  • Data security
    • Data storage takes place in the DextraData high security data center in Germany
  • Hosting of external Backups
    • Transfer of physical and virtualized backups over a secure SSL connection to a cloud repository, without the cost of additional Veeam licenses
  • All information at a glace with the Backup Console
    • Information is retrieved in hosted backup repositories directly from the backup console; Tracking the use of cloud repositories and contract expiration information for hosted storage resources
  • Latest backup architecture
    • Benefit from the innovative Veeam technology, including backup copy jobs with embedded WAN acceleration, unlimited incremental backups, parallel processing for virtual machines and VM harddisks, GFS retention presets (grandfather-father-son), and so on - Everything combined in one solution
  • End-to-End Encryption
    • Reliable encoding of all files on the source system, during dubbing and backup without hindering the data reduction due to embedded compression and WAN acceleration
  • Optionally combinable with Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service from DextraData ONE Cloud
    • Design and management of disaster plans with Veeam, combined with Sure Backup capabilities and disaster recovery capability. With DextraData ONE Cloud you can activate all systems in minutes in case of disaster recovery.

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