ONE Cloud Secure Data Space

ONE Cloud Secure Data Space and Triple-Crypt Technology

Business users are increasingly faced with the problem of sharing data in a simple and legally secure way. The common file-sharing systems however are no longer sufficient: not safe enough and often not legally compliant.

Cloud storage with Triple-Crypt Technology

With ONE Cloud Secure Data Space you can solve this problem. The Enterprise File Sync and Share solution has high encryption standards, such as Triple-Crypt Technology developed by SSP Europe, which ensures both client & server-side encryption as well as encryption on the transmission path. You benefit from the highest encryption standards available, plus Zero Knowledge. This guarantees that only authorized users get access to your data. No third party - neither the business cloud provider SSP Europe nor DextraData as a provider - get access to your data. Protect your data from physical failures and ransomware attacks: With ONE Cloud Secure Data Space, you won't lose a single file when getting attacked.

Data protection: Made in Germany

Rely on strict compliance with German law on data protection and data security. Operated in a PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 certified data center in Germany, the solution maintains an adequate level of protection according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO). This includes all companies and organizations that collect, process and store personal data. Included are, for example, names, e-mail or IP addresses. With ONE Cloud Secure Data Space, you are in complete compliance with the EU GDPR and can use and store the data. In addition, the Secure Data Space solution complies with data protection and compliance guidelines and carries the EuroPriSe Data Protection Seal of Approval in Version 4.

No trade-offs: Intuitive operation with full control

The ONE Cloud Secure Data Space is immediately ready for operation and intuitive in its use. Instead of spending time on extensive training, you can directly start working on what's important for your business. As a pure B2B solution, ONE Cloud Secure Data Space is 100 percent tailored to the needs of businesses. Through user and rights management, as well as undivided data sovereignty, it ensures a maximum of data protection while being able to share documents conveniently and work together in a highly productive way.


Full integration into your application environment is a prerequisite for fully functional automated workflows. With the option of Active Directory connectivity and the JSON REST API programming interface, including provisioning and reporting capabilities, the ONE Cloud Secure Data Space meets all these needs. We provide developers with expert support in connecting third-party solutions, such as SharePoint, SaaS etc.

Your ONE Cloud Secure Data Space - your look & feel

In order to create a familiar environment for your customers and employees we support you in adapting the overall appearance of the ONE Cloud Secure Data Space System to your corporate identity (CI). Roll out your corporate design across the entire ONE Cloud Secure Data Space with URL, WebUI, clients, text, and apps.

Encrypted delivery of file attachments

With the Outlook Add-In, you can easily and conveniently ensure - without any additional software - the encrypted delivery of e-mail attachments. Benefit from the easy handling: Simply upload attachments via the Outlook Add-In and set a password. That's all.

Your benefits

  • Highly secure end-to-end encryption
  • Only your company has access
  • Strengthening your reputation
  • Ensuring a consistent brand identity through visually seamless integration into your overall system
  • User and Rights Management
  • Multi and parallel authentication
  • Secure Private Room feature
  • Space-neutral deployment - NAS, DAS, SAN
  • Supports SIEM solutions
  • Migration support and data bring-in service

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