Identity Management

Identity Management

Mobile devices are a central component of our working environment. Having access to all information at all times is a decisive competitive advantage. But how do you protect sensitive corporate data on smartphones, tablets and the like?

Azure Rights Management

With Microsoft Azure Rights Management, your data is always under your control, on-premise, on a share, or in the cloud. And what if you share the data with others or they are not part of your organization?

Even then you have everything under control. Encryption, identity, and authorization policies enable collaboration and ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to your data. Microsoft Azure Rights Management works well with existing on-premise Exchange, SharePoint, and File servers.

Our experts are happy to provide advice on the topic of Azure Rights Management, from design and planning to implementation, operational support and licensing issues.

The functions

  • Create RMS-protected content

    Display trusted entities using applications and programs; easily create and manage protected files; centrally defined and officially authorized rights templates

  • Licensing and distributing the RMS-protected content

    Certificates created by RMS indicate trusted entities that are allowed to publish and display protected content, assign user rights and terms of service; Usage Policy, Release Licenses

  • RMS protected information

    Purchase licenses to decrypt RMS-protected information and enforce usage policies


It is obvious that data security is very important for airlines. Virgin Atlantic Airways (VAA) relies on Microsoft Azure. Learn more about our project. To the case studies.

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