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Your IT needs an update? Do you want to introduce new products? The only thing you see is a huge amount of work and you need help facing these challenges?

With the introduction of new IT products and services, a company initiates changes that need to be well considered and planned. IT is a business-relevant factor today. That's why every change goes hand in hand with a great deal of responsibility: if the running operations are unnecessarily affected it might lead to unplanned costs.

That's why it is important to have a trusted, experienced specialist at your side, a project manager who competently guides you through these changes.

They keep the overview, clarify questions and solve problems. It is not only about the selection of relevant instruments for your interests, but also about personal and social skills. The Project Manager ensures the smooth and result-oriented implementation and thus secures your investment. The faster you reach your project goal, the sooner the improvements will take effect and you ensure you stay competitive in the market. That’s how you optimize and protect your investment!

This is how we lead your project to success:

Selection of the optimal methodology

Classical or agile project management? When making your decision, you will be advised by certified project managers who work throughout all sectors of the industry and have many years of experience in operative project management.

Common project understanding

A successful project starts with a transparent order which is defined in a Project Initiation Document.

Transparent and effective communication - 3-level reporting

Smooth communication – internally and externally - is essential for the success of a project. To ensure that every project team member has access to the information that is important to them at all times, the 3-level reporting is based on target-group oriented communication (1.Steering/C-Level; 2. Program/Project level, 3. Operative level). The proven system ensures the efficiency and transparency of project communication.

Good advice/ professional project management

Our project managers ensure that cost, deadline and material targets are met as planned. Guaranteed availability and focus on the project tasks ensure efficient execution of your project.

How do you recognize a qualified Project Manager?

  • Very good knowledge of the methodological basics and practice-related tools
  • Certification 
  • Cross-industry experience
  • Social competence/ emotional intelligence and communication skills

Tailor-made instead of one-size-fits all

  • PM Strategy, PRINCE2 & Scrum

    As diverse as industries and companies are, so are their projects. No matter what your project looks like, a qualified Project Manager will analyze your specific requirements and then select the appropriate methodology and tools. All DextraData Project Managers are certified according to international standards and work with classical project management programs such as PRINCE2 or the agile project management method Scrum. These proven tools ensure transparent structures, improved information flow and support communication in the project teams. We put the strategy into practice with lived project management methodology and create added value at all levels.

  • Project Management Office/Project Office

    Operational project management is our thing. Whether at enterprise, program or project level, we organize the setup and operation of Project Management Offices (PMOs) and Project Offices (POs) for your organization. Together with you, we determine the specific requirements of your central Project Management Office, analyze the project landscape and define the services you want to make available to the management. We create the necessary structures and tools for sustainable change. Experienced, certified project managers accompany you through all project phases and ensure a smooth project completion so that you can continue to focus on your core business.

    We will lead your project to a successful conclusion!

    We guarantee that through

    • Methodical project management
    • Leadership and motivation of the project team
    • Consistent decision and escalation management
    • Target group-appropriate project communication
    • Active stakeholder management
  • Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

    You are in the middle of your daily business or do not have the resources to manage an urgent project? Don’t worry. We take care of it for you. We can look back on more than 15 years of experience in operational project management in various industries. We work according to international standards.

  • Project Management Coaching

    DextraData is your competent partner in Program & Project Management: It doesn’t matter if you only need a sparring partner to refine your project management skills or if you want to put an experienced project coach at your side. Your project has already started, but somehow things aren’t running smoothly? We help you. With certified project managers, international standards and a lot of experience.

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Reference customer: IT outsourcing & hosting provider

IT Outsourcing & Hosting Provider

For extensive IT projects, trust the expertise of experienced project managers

IT company relies on DextraData Project & Service Management.

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