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Management System Software GRASP

Business processes are no longer imaginable without IT. The enormous dynamics of digitalization and the increased demands that go hand in hand with it, require a suitable management tool for modern business management. Digital management systems are able to meet these demands.

As a digital management system, GRASP supports the establishment and improvement of information security, data protection & business continuity in your company. GRASP can be used to implement and operate individual, specialized management systems (such as an information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001) as well as an integrated management system that combines several management systems in one platform.

GRASP - Integrated Risk Management

Your Management System: Digitally Documented, Efficiently Controlled

GRASP stands for Governance, Risk, Audit Software Platform and, as a management system software, enables your company to easily and quickly digitize management system documentation that was once run in parallel and analog: Thanks to its user-friendly interfaces, well thought-out user guidance, easy-to-create reports and optimized views for mobile devices, GRASP can massively relieve the responsible people. GRASP enables them to manage the business efficiently!

Spend less time on manual activities by benefiting from automated workflows for process sequences, notifications, tasks & reminders.

Your users focus on what matters most with role-based work views and pre-structured data entry capabilities. Multi-dimensional dashboards enable process-oriented views, user, management and auditor perspectives.

Draw synergies from the integrated approach of integrated management systems, e.g. through one-time inventory of structures, processes, assets, systems and applications.

GRASP - Document Management

Your advantage: Efficiency at all levels

From midsize companies to large corporations: Whether you are part of the IS management team of a larger organization or the information security officer of a medium-sized company, GRASP can help you implement standard requirements with best-practice approaches without losing sight of your company's individual needs. Unlike solutions that focus only on digitizing documentation, GRASP takes into account different roles and responsibilities, such as those of top management, the chief information security officer or the information security officer.

Get an overview: The status of your management systems has never been so easy to grasp thanks to attractively designed dashboards and meaningful reports. This facilitates communication with your stakeholders and creates serenity in audit situations.

»While 2nd-party and 3rd-party audits represent a snapshot in time, no one wants to be completely unprepared. GRASP not only makes your job easier, it helps you to be well informed at all times, especially in audit situations.«

Nils Vorholt, Business Consultant / DextraData


Distributed work: Predefined forms for delegable process inventory and the intuitive mobile app facilitate the involvement of process owners. After the electronic forms have been sent back the process owners the returned information is automatically saved into GRASP. Time-consuming tasks, such as personal follow-up or manual transfer of data fields, are eliminated. Managers and other responsible roles also benefit from this interactive information gathering, as they gain more time for their core tasks.

GRASP - Digital Processes

An integrated management system for more resilience in your (IT) Organization.

The IT DNA in our platform: Rely on a modern Integrated Risk Management solution developed by an independent software developer who also has extensive know-how in planning and implementing IT system landscapes. We live IT - and have done so for over 25 years.

GRASP and our IT financial management software solution CIO Cockpit form a value-adding duo if desired: As CIO Cockpit ensures cost transparency of all IT services throughout the entire company, GRASP users also benefit from IT assets that are always up-to-date and fully recorded by CIO Cockpit. This allows you to see which business processes are associated with potential IT risks.

Focus on risks: Our aim is to create transparency, identify risks and make them manageable. Stay informed about business processes, risks and controls, IT assets and the assessment of potential incidents outside of your audits.

Manage information security, data protection and business continuity in one solution

Do you rely on multiple management disciplines? An integrated management system (IMS) bundles competencies and saves resources, time and, above all, your budget. Avoid the introduction and operation of individual "island solutions". Companies benefit not only from synergies resulting from the consistent structure of ISO standards, the High Level Structure, but also from efficiency gains.

The following standards are available as preconfigured modules, but GRASP can easily be adapted to use other standards and industry-specific norms. Contact us and let us know which standards, norms or compliance requirements you want to focus on. Our team is happy to support you!

Information Security Management according to ISO 27001

GRASP Software

Such a system defines rules and methods to ensure the information security in a company or in an organization.

Business Continuity Management according to ISO 22301

GRASP Software

Understand and prioritize the threats to your business with the international business continuity standard.

Data Protection Management according to GDPR

GRASP Software

Implementation and operation of a data protection management system in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Further norms, standards & specific modules

GRASP Software Module

GRASP is a no code solution which makes it very easy to adapt it to your needs. What standards or individual requirements does your company need to meet?

This makes our software solution for management systems flexible

Configure without programming: The high yet simple configurability ensures you a vast degree of flexibility and autonomy. There is no need for costly programming. With just a few clicks, you can implement individual configurations of interfaces and workflows. Role-based work views allow your users to focus on the essentials.

Roll out changes to requirements in standards, laws and internal procedures system-wide with little effort. Our dynamic data model makes it possible.

Flexible and customizable: Define your organization's specific requirements in the base configuration. Your organization is not aiming for a certifiable standard, but wants to implement an internal control system (ICS) or governance, risk & compliance (GRC) system? Due to the effortless adaptability, even these can be digitally mapped with our software.

System interfaces provided: Third-party systems can be connected. This facilitates the inventory of your IT system landscapes.

How GRASP enables flexible Management Systems

Three reasons for our software solution GRASP

  • Capture, visualize and communicate risks in an understandable way
    Follow the risk-based approach: evaluation, treatment, and continuous overview of risks. Down to the IT asset level, the risks associated with your business processes can be easily understood.
  • High level of automation
    Work in a time-saving and structured manner by spending less time on manual activities. Process sequences, notifications, tasks and reminders can be implemented with automated workflows. In addition, it is possible to have an inventory of your company's IT assets: fully automated, always up-to-date and complete.
  • Flexibly adaptable to individual requirements
    GRASP can be individually adapted to the specific circumstances of your company, entirely without programming effort. Even industry-specific standards can be implemented with less customizing effort than usual. This makes it easy to get started, despite your individual needs.
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