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Modern medical devices and hospital information systems generate large amounts of valuable data every day, which can make a major contribution to optimizing the health care business. Interlinked and processed, they provide decision support for the hospital management, nursing and medical services as well as to the facility management. Dex7 IoT Healthcare is a smart IoT solution which can support you with controlling and cost-efficient use of your resources and ensures results-oriented investment planning.


Dex7 IoT Healthcare Logo
Dex7 IoT Healthcare Logo

IoT for Hospitals

Application example: Utilization and capacity management

Ultrasound devices are used in many medical disciplines, but are rarely shared and monitored across departments. The data on the type and duration of use, the location, life span, maintenance and service stored by the devices remain isolated, are not compared, analyzed or used for efficiency analysis and control.


Dex7 IoT Healthcare links existing data and prepares it to give you transparency about your device landscape. Take advantage of these eHealth insights, optimize your equipment and resources while at the same time gaining quality. Improved processes ensure shorter waiting times for upcoming examinations and faster diagnoses which lead to happier patients and colleagues. 


Dex7 IoT Healthcare - Ultrasound devices overview page
Utilization diagrams and usage data helps you to identify bottlenecks or optimization potential of your ultrasound devices. Customize the page filters to get targeted views for your desired set of devices.
Dex7 IoT Healthcare - Details and KPIs for each ultrasound device
For each individual ultrasound device, view details with KPIs such as service or maintenance durations, daily usage data, and other master data. Tag your assets and use them in the dashboard for more granular filtering and customization of your reports.

Dex7 IoT Healthcare Platform – How it works ...

Dex7 IoT Healthcare - data from medical devices
Through intelligent queries only relevant data of the ultrasound & CT devices gets into the data lake via so called landing stages. This avoids unnecessarily large amounts of data.

Dex7 IoT Healthcare

Hospital 4.0

Complement your IT environment with a platform that neither interferes with your active IT systems nor medical devices. It rather links and consolidates mainly unused additional information in a "analysis and visualization layer". Your data protection strategy, internal as well as external security-relevant topics and patient care remain unaffected. Dex7 IoT Healthcare collects and structures the required data - for example, medical devices and smart devices - in special landing stages and transfers them to a data lake.

Prepared in clear, predefined dashboards or reports, the information is available to you as a basis for decision-making and further processing. Focusing on essential KPIs makes it easier to capture the current situation, saves time and leads to faster and better decisions. Via the Dex7 web interface, the information is available wherever you need it.

Visualization of capacity and usage periods

Information on the capacity utilization and usage times of the devices can help counteract impending bottlenecks at peak times at an early stage. Dashboards provide the details of each device, from the serial number to the last inspection.

Localization of technical devices / machines

Location information of mobile and stationary devices can be determined and used for capacity planning. Expected bottlenecks are derivable and can be taken into account in planning scenarios for optimized capacity utilization. Cross-departmental device sharing is easier to coordinate, increases utilization, and supports a faster return on investment.

All machine data at a glance

Facts about the individual equipment of the respective device, for example specifications of the probe, facilitate the cross-departmental device organization. System data and supplementary service, runtime, and maintenance information support device management. Anomalies in the capacity utilization are visible on the timeline.

Increase of system availability

Systems that contain sensors for "predictive maintenance" can always be connected and actively help to prevent errors and downtimes. Technical key figures are collected and compared. In case of deviations of individual systems, the service can be informed before a potential failure.

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