IT Service & Enterprise Management

IT Service & Enterprise Management

The increasing digitalization of business processes is transforming IT departments.

Customer and service orientation come to the fore, whilst the constant availability of business processes must be guaranteed. IT management is now all about efficiency, quality improvement and cost-effectiveness of the IT environment.

At the same time, IT service management (ITSM) is gaining importance as a result of growing responsibility for Beyond IT services and is transforming into Enterprise Service Management, which includes for example employee on- and off-boarding, access authorization management or the administration of hospital beds.

How do you keep track of all processes in the light of multiple changes? We help you with that.

As a Cherwell IP 2 Authorized Innovation Partner we have a lot of experience in integrating service management platforms. In addition, we have been supporting our clients in ITIL process consulting for many years. Therefore, we recommend first of all to check whether the existing processes and process descriptions are still valid because "a fool with a tool is still a fool". On request, we can assist you with ITIL-Expert certified consultants in the definition of ITIL-compliant processes and guidelines.

Benefit from our expertise! We fully support you in the planning phase as well as in the technical implementation with experienced consultants.

We help you with:

  • Service and Service Catalog Design
  • Planning and installation of service management systems including the customer portal
  • Workflow design and automation
  • Infrastructure consulting and implementation
  • Key figure definition (KPI)
  • Configuration Management Database Design
  • Operating models: On Premise, Private, Public Cloud or Colocation

ITIL Process Consulting

How do you keep all business processes under control considering increasing complexity and relevance? Our ITIL experts have the answer.

Cherwell Service Manager

Relieve your IT team in day-to-day business with the Cherwell Service Manager.

Cherwell Asset Manager

Keep track of your IT assets with the Cherwell Asset Manager.

ComAround Knowledge Management

With "ComAround Knowledge™", you can provide Knowledge-Centered Services and ensures satisfied customers and relieve the workload of service employees.

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