Agile Entwicklung – Von Individualsoftware bis zur smarten IoT-Plattform

Software solutions that make our customers more successful

Agile development - reaching from a custom software to a smart IoT platform

Speed, flexibility, top quality and cost transparency characterize our software development, which follows agile methods like Scrum. The result are individually developed software solutions for our customers and DextraData's own platforms which are designed to support clients in their business by adapting flexibly to their needs.

Time-to-market is a decisive competitive advantage. Whether it's process optimization or the early detection of capacity limits: The speed with which companies act can decide on success or failure. This makes it all the more important to identify optimization potential and implement it in a timely manner. We can help you with that.

Industry solutions and IoT platforms

Many years of IT experience suggest that our own software products are predominantly geared to the needs of IT decision makers. The impulse to also use our know-how for the development of our own platforms, was the fact that standard solutions didn't fulfill the core requirements of our customers sufficiently.


Today, we provide a solution portfolio that provides companies with digitization support in a wide range of areas:

Our services - individual software

Do you want a software solution without compromises?

We know how you can keep an overview considering the complexity and multitude of tools. We analyze the tools and evaluate processes with regard for potential improvements. We identify necessary interfaces and help you automatize processes.

Our consultants support you in the preparation and design of the target and process architecture and accompany the entire process up to the transfer of the project into a successful agile model. This can lead to a new development of an individual solution or to the introduction or adaptation of one of our standard solutions, such as Logipad, CIO Cockpit or the Dex7 IoT Platform. Do you want to know how? Contact us.

Our method: agile and in a team

Agility is the foundation of efficient development for us. It ensures fast results, flexibility, cost transparency and increases customer satisfaction. The challenges of IT are as familiar to us as the demands and expectations which IT operations and business leaders face in their organizations. The client and their needs are omnipresent to us. Our clients benefit from years of experience and a wide range of services. The close interdisciplinary exchange between our DevOps team, the DextraData departments and experts on the customer side results in practice-oriented, uncompromising individual software.


With DevOps towards better quality, optimized processes and efficiency

Response times and the speed with which client requirements are met are of immense importance to a company's success. The prerequisites for this are changed working methods and a fundamental rethinking throughout the entire company.

DevOps - the synergy of development & IT operations - originally limited to software development, supporting process optimization and automation.

Compared to the traditional way of programming, developers working with DevOps are in constant contact with the client. This continuous communication allows rapid fine adjustments, a detailed cost overview and continuous improvements of the applications in short sprints.

Our development team has a lot of experience with DevOps programming, whether it's ordered by a client or through our own software solutions.

Benefit from the advantages that DevOps brings to your business.

Improved time-to-market


Process acceleration and faster adaptation to the needs of the market. Act more efficiently and competitively on the market.


Process optimization


Automation, scalability and virtualization.


Faster availability


Faster innovation cycles, more releases and updates,CDcontinuous delivery, quality improvements through faster bug fixing.


Optimal cost control


Complete budget transparency in every project phase. Additional requirements can be quickly quantified in monetary terms.




Quality improvement through real-time monitoring of system performance (including updates or infrastructure changes).




Improved collaboration in your team through common understanding and shared goals. Communication instead of "telephone game" and silo mentality.




Deviations from the original plan or additional requirements can be implemented quickly. Increased agility.




Improved security for instance through automation of compliance requirements.


Software which convinces

»From the first concept to the go-live of the CIO Cockpit Essentials, a lot has changed. In the process of development and working with the CIO Cockpit, new ideas keep coming up. Ideas about how we can use the database in many different ways. Agile software development is exactly the right approach: we can introduce new topics in shorter intervals and decide at short notice which of the requirements we should prioritize.«

Hans-Jörg Richter, Head of IT-Operations / Ingenico Payment Services

Some of the companies which use our software.

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