Softwarelösung für digitales Dokumenten- & Workflowmanagement

The Solution for Digital Document and Workflow Management

Wherever document-driven workflows predominate, companies face the challenge of ensuring that information and files go through the correct processes and are made available to the right contacts promptly and with minimal effort. These workflows are often very complex and involve various activities: documents need to be reviewed, approved, revised, and sent. Furthermore, the receipt of information often needs to be confirmed. By digitizing and automating these processes, not only can the distribution of documents be made paperless – productivity is also increased, and the time required is significantly reduced. Ongoing data synchronization ensures that systems and functions can be used both online and offline, allowing the software to fulfill its function where connectivity is not available.

Process Automation and Digital Workflow Management

The foundation of our in-house developed software for process automation is a customizable and flexible digital document and workflow management system. The application, along with its administrative environment, seamlessly integrates into your existing IT infrastructure and can be tailored to your specific processes and requirements.

This document and workflow management system can be adapted to your industry-specific use cases and is more than just software on your device of choice: we offer a highly available IT infrastructure and efficient IT processes. In collaboration with you, we develop the product according to your individual requirements and needs. Whether you prefer mobile or stationary Windows-based devices, Apple Macs, or iOS devices, our software ensures flexible and scalable information processing.

Case Study: Logipad – Established in the Aviation Industry

Through streamlined processes,, known as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), now facilitates digital document management for crew and ground staff for airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and Ethiopian Airlines, simultaneously ensuring up-to-date information during flights.

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Case Study: Optimized Process Flows in Logistics

In logistics, time is money, and the smooth execution of processes is indispensable. Our solution for process automation makes it possible to provide documents, route plans, and delivery notes digitally to the relevant employees at the right time and place. Current information can also be distributed without delay via a news ticker.


Process Capture & Digital Document Management

The right documents for the right user at the right time—thanks to digital process capture and document management, all employees can access the information provided for them. Content can be edited via the administration interface and tagged with details such as priority status, version, change dates, and confirmation status. The full-text search feature allows for the entire document storage—including numerous document types such as PDF, HTML, XML, HTML-ZIP, EXCEL, WORD, POWERPOINT, and various media formats—to be searched in seconds, thanks to optimized search mechanisms.

eForms: Mobile & Intuitive Data Capture

Electronic forms (eForms) enable intuitive data collection.

Prozessoptimierung Formular

eForms can be created individually or based on templates with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Forms are not limited to simple text fields or dropdowns; data can also be automatically entered into predefined fields, or documents can be attached.

Prozessoptimierung Datenspeicherung

Captured data is initially stored on the device and sent to the backend system as soon as an internet connection is established.

Prozessoptimierung Reports

In this process, workflows and notifications can be triggered to initiate further process steps.

One Solution, Many Advantages

Interfaces & Data Exchange

We provide interoperable functionalities with homogeneous IT infrastructures, such as data exchange with third-party server systems and data exchange with existing applications within the company.


The application has been optimized for efficient and intuitive usability. Our process automation solution ensures a focused workflow with input validation, quickly comprehensible visual elements, and a streamlined user interface.

Role-Based Administration

Role-based management ensures that relevant data is made available to the appropriate users, user groups, or departments. Individual permissions can be defined for each user role.

Protected Access & Compliance

Depending on the available hardware, authentication via facial recognition, fingerprint, username and password, or oAuth authentication is supported. Furthermore, it is possible to request read confirmations and sign documents digitally with user-based certificates via eSignature.

Digital Process Optimization

Digital workflow management is not just about replacing paper-based documents; it's about streamlining steps and efficiently managing documents. We ensure that process steps are adhered to - not just for compliance reasons.


One of our strengths lies in our high degree of customization. It is essential for us to understand your specific use cases and individual requirements. In this way, the software integrates into our clients' existing processes and optimizes them—not the other way around.

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