Building Your Digital Tomorrow

We are shaping a digital future that inspires. By using our solutions, companies, institutions and people master their digital challenges data-driven, independently and with ease.

Manual routine processes are a thing of the past - time wasters become free spaces. This allows our clients to concentrate on what is really important: Implementing their business strategies and thus staying one step ahead of the competition.

The DextraData work culture and products are the result of our belief in change through progress made in Germany: we live social responsibility, we optimize and develop what already exists. We drive innovation.


Trusted Advice. Trusted Innovation.

We take away our clients' doubts in the digital transformation, provide knowledge and make the complex simple. We offer innovative SaaS solutions for more business success in the company and less stress for staff.

We interpret data with our smart data analytics software: IT Financial Management provides cost transparency and the basis for smart decisions. Our process automation tools improve industry processes and provide the right information to the right people at the right time. Our IoT platform enables real-time tracking solutions to find assets faster. Speed yes - but not at the expense of security. With our Integrated Risk Management platform, clients play it safe and work on the resilience of their business.

  • Pleged Loyalty

    DextraData - a Latin term signifying sealing a deal with a handshake. Our logo embodies this sincere gesture, a symbol that has been deeply embedded in our value system for 30 years. Our promise of loyalty is not just spoken; it is assured: We are loyal business partners, steadfast consultants, and dependable supporters. Our guarantee to you: Our actions always match our words.

  • Shared Success

    We firmly believe that success can only be achieved together. Selfishness leads to defeat. Therefore, we create and value trustful, long-term partnerships that operate on equal footing – among colleagues and clients alike. This solidarity motivates us to diligently and efficiently achieve the successes necessary for our own development and that of our business partners.

  • Value-Driven Innovation

    At our core, innovation is not an end in itself but the realization of advanced solutions for specific challenges. To discover these solutions, we remain curious, embrace new endeavors, and learn from mistakes. We challenge old ways of thinking and approach challenges with enjoyment and passion. We improve on yesterday today, so that it pays off tomorrow. In doing so, we deliver creative and mutually beneficial outcomes.

  • Social Responsibility

    From collective success arises significant responsibility: towards our employees, the region, and our work. We prioritize being considerate and fair to our team over chasing the lowest cost at all costs. Instead of overextending globally, we are deeply rooted in our local community. We value and strive to create a safe work environment, while not forgetting our economic duties. Our aim is not to pay lip service to sustainability but to actively support it through digital solutions.

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