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Digital transformation aims to achieve efficiency gains through process optimization. The best strategy for optimizing processes is automation. Processes, in turn, do not simply happen—they are managed. Typically, in non-digital environments, this is done manually. This method of process control is prone to errors and often imprecise.

The first step in process optimization is the optimization of routine processes. With the right software solutions, not only can routine processes be automated, but complex operations can be automated as well. Automated workflows—meaning the execution of modeled processes—relieve your teams and reduce the likelihood of errors. Ensure that workflows are designed to be efficient, time-saving, and secure.

Process Optimization Meets Digitalization

Through our existing solutions and custom software, we enable the digital representation of components—or even a complex network of business processes. This not only provides greater transparency over the company's processes and their performance but also offers reliable benchmarking, in line with the motto, 'You cannot optimize what you cannot measure.' This is essential for achieving the long-term goal of continuous improvement.

Solution Development Beyond Traditional BPM Software

Business Process Management (BPM) refers to the management of processes within an organization. However, how much benefit does traditional BPM software offer for your specific use case? Is the available toolkit sufficient to efficiently link critical interfaces? Industry-specific circumstances, such as security-related regulations, demand a higher level of customization. We address this complexity through custom software development, the introduction of new solutions, or the adoption and adaptation of established technologies.

Case Study: Logipad – Our In-House Developed Software, Established in the Aviation Industry

Is there a setting where process and document management are more critical than on board an aircraft? Utilization in aircraft is just one application example—yet it is particularly crucial for safety. Our Electronic Flight Bag solution (EFB), Logipad, the digital pilot's briefcase, is now standard equipment for numerous international airlines. It's also applicable in use cases where the provision of information not only saves time but also minimizes errors.


Automating Non-IT Processes

Let's take a closer look at the optimization potentials. If your company has reached a point where the digitization of manufacturing, sales, and marketing is complete, it's time to consider optimizing internal services—known as Non-IT Processes (or Non-IT Service Management). This includes processes in Human Resources, Accounting, and Facility Management. These processes are usually still carried out manually. Their complexity comes from many interfaces. Processes to be managed include, for example, order distributions, approvals, escalations, or reportings. At the same time, they have a high potential for cost savings.

Smart workflow management allows for options such as automated reports. Thus, evaluations can be triggered based on various parameters (e.g., time-controlled or based on a threshold value) and stored in various formats.

Case Study: Warehouse Logistics

Are you also facing the issue of constantly depleted stock levels, with the realization coming too late? By integrating stock levels and warehouse notifications into Cherwell, an automated ordering process is triggered. Cherwell digitally captures the warehouse ticket from the warehouse management system and forwards it to the ordering process. For pre-configured batches, stock levels are automatically replenished. This action can also be semi-automated via email or through an API, if available, assuming it is properly maintained in Cherwell. Should inventory fall below a certain threshold, you can opt to be notified via email, following which you must approve the ordering process. When a new ticket is created (via email, self-service portal, etc.), categorization can be automatically conducted based on detected keywords.

We assist you in automating ordering processes: From the planning stage, through service catalog design and technical implementation, to employee training.


Case Study: Property Management, External Service Provider Order Management

Process automation in the real estate sector through optimization of workflow management: A real estate conglomerate manages properties, often equipped with "measuring devices" such as hot and cold water meters, using Cherwell.

The reading and recording of these values are outsourced to external service providers, similar to the meter reading services familiar from residential settings. These providers are granted limited access to work orders to input the meter readings. This process is facilitated through status updates, which can also be executed in batch processing for a large volume of properties.

In practice, this is how it works: The real estate conglomerate changes the status of a rental property, for example, due to a tenant moving out. This status change automatically generates an email to the meter reading service provider, containing information about the property and the work order. The service provider receives these orders, completes the tasks, records the values in the corresponding records, updates the status, and thus, the order is completed. All the real estate conglomerate needed to do was assign the service provider, change the status, and verify the outcome.


Our Approach to Process Optimization

Whether you aim to digitize paper-based processes or streamline manual workflows, our focus is on:

  • Eliminating unnecessary process steps,
  • Making the exchange of information more efficient,
  • And thereby reducing the overall costs of processes.

We ensure that process steps are adhered to—not just for compliance reasons.

With 25 years of experience in digital transformation, DextraData advises you on process optimization, workflow management, and business process automation. For over 16 years, DextraData, as an Independent Software Vendor, has been developing its own business applications with a focus on process management software in the IT process management environment. Our goal is to automate processes to future-proof your business.

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