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Time and capacity management in hospitals with the Dex7 Timetable app

Despite the shortage of skilled personnel, the healthcare sector must address the challenges posed by an aging population and the consequent increase in medical demand, while simultaneously ensuring compliance with key operational metrics and cost containment. Every optimization, no matter how small, contributes to improving outcomes for patients, medical staff, and the organization's financial health. With our healthcare solutions, we assist you in these optimizations to help you achieve your goals and overcome challenges.

Surgeries are pivotal for hospitals on multiple fronts: they generate significant revenue, incur substantial costs, and can significantly impact a hospital's reputation. Hence, it is crucial that everything runs smoothly in the operating theaters. However, the reality in German hospitals often deviates from the planned schedules, leading to delays and cancellations of surgeries.

Real-time data in the OR – mobile & intuitive

Are delays and postponements due to emergencies or organizational issues?

Intraoperative processes are typically not continuously monitored or only documented/reconstructed retrospectively. Therefore, it is often unclear whether an emergency, the course of the operation, or organizational reasons are responsible for the postponement. Emergencies cannot be planned in advance, but what about the other aspects?

Do all organizational conditions really align when, for example, patients regularly arrive late or have to wait, documents are missing, OR teams cannot be present on time, or standard surgeries are too tightly scheduled? To identify the causes of delayed or postponed surgeries or unused OR capacity and to highlight process optimizations, we have developed the Dex7 Timetable app.

Mobile real-time data capture with a fingertip

Dex7 Timetable supports the operating room (OR) team in real-time tracking of the 13 key time performance indicators (KPIs) related to an operation - according to KIS standard. The patient number is captured in the app using a barcode scanner. To record all time intervals from admission to discharge of the patient, a fingertip on the clear graphical interface is sufficient. The use of mobile tablets ensures that all entries can be made immediately and without leaving the OR table. This keeps the entire team directly with the patient throughout the entire process. After the surgery, the data can be forwarded to the KIS or analysis tool via WLAN, Bluetooth, or USB stick. Mobility and intuitive use are crucial factors for the acceptance of real-time tracking: The OR team must not be impaired in its core task by the time tracking. This is one reason why stationary and more complex OR process documentation is either not done at all or incomplete. Another advantage of real-time tracking lies in the accuracy of the data. They reflect the real course of the operation, are not manipulable, and provide a reliable basis for subsequent process analyses. In contrast, retrospectively or partially recorded data may suffer from inaccuracies that affect the reliability of the analyses.

Technical requirements

Dex7 Timetable is available as an Android app. Data exchange with KIS or analysis systems can be done via WLAN, LAN, Bluetooth, or USB.

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  • Seamless Capture of Real-time Data
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  • Mobile, Semi-automated Application
  • Foundation for Advanced Analysis for Process Optimization
  • Low Investment - High ROI

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