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From the Internet of Things to the Industry of Things

The Internet of Things in a nutshell: Toasters, refrigerators, and your running shoes have an online chat about how many calories you're allowed to consume today. How does this work? All these items evaluate data, compare the calories contained with those you've expended, and provide you with a basis for decision-making: Do you really want to eat that today?

In the business environment, this approach is called the Industry of Things. Instead of toasters and shoes, here sensors, robots, IT systems, and even buildings communicate with each other. As these "things" talk to each other, they generate data. This data is collected, analyzed, interpreted, and ultimately visualized. This process provides you with the basis to make important decisions. Hence, it's not surprising that four out of five companies use IoT in production. Key benefits include cost efficiency, productivity increase, and reduction in production costs.

The networking and digitization of "things" are happening everywhere at a rapid pace. Never before have so many data been collected and processed as today – and this development is just at its beginning. The increasing digitization of the physical business world poses a challenge. However, it simultaneously offers you the opportunity to view your business more strongly as an integrated value creation network.

Industry of Things – The Current State

Sensors, robots, medical devices—all these 'things' become 'business things' in the Industry of Things. Technology enables these entities to communicate with each other and interact with digital support processes.

Previously, these things were static. In the context of IoT, they become intelligent, communicative assistants. They can inform you about process bottlenecks. Thus, these 'things' become valuable assets for your company.

The goal of any business digital transformation must be to automate value-adding processes, making them more efficient. This networking of previously static entities allows you to optimize your business holistically rather than just piecemeal. From the data obtained, you can derive smart metrics. The more data you receive, the more transparent production processes become. Optimization within the company can be targeted and directed.

The Benefits for Your Business

The Benefits for Your Business

  • New insights into your business
  • Identification of potentials for increased cost efficiency
  • Revenue growth through innovative and disruptive service and business models

From Theory to Practice: Learning to Walk!

The benefits of utilizing data from all devices involved in production within the company are obvious. However, the practical implementation of this often seems unattainable for most businesses. Decision-makers and users frequently perceive the technical, organizational, and monetary hurdles as too high.

The list of obstacles appears extensive: numerous heterogeneous interfaces, short-lived technology cycles, lack of knowledge, insufficient exposure to the subject, or a complex landscape of solutions.

The greatest difficulty lies in unclear expectations regarding the implementation of IoT. To overcome this obstacle, a clear strategy is necessary. Formulate the objectives of an IoT deployment in your company. This way, you can determine the actions and thus the costs or have them determined by external consultation.

Utilization of Medical Devices

IoT for Medical Devices: Digitization does not only entail reorganizing once analog-manual processes into automated-digital ones. It also means remaining economically competitive. The primary hindrance to economic viability: outdated capacity and resource management within medical facilities. X-ray, ultrasound, blood pressure monitoring devices—often present in multiple units, yet lacking an overview that allows for smart decisions regarding their utilization. With Dex7, it is possible to make utilization detection effortless. The result is a process and utilization optimization of the available devices.

Learn more about our software Dex7 IoT Healthcare.


Case Study: Optimization of the Printing Chain

The internet was as revolutionary for printing as it was for hardly any other industry. The curse: Online print shops initiated a massive competition for displacement. The blessing: IoT is tailor-made for the printing industry. Modern printing houses have the potential to transition to fully autonomous production with IoT: Dex7 has the capability to close process gaps and automate them. For example, sensors can autonomously detect when maintenance is needed. Color containers and paper magazines can trigger orders autonomously. This process optimization leads to a noticeable reduction in manufacturing costs and thus to economic competitiveness.

Learn more about our Dex7 IoT Platform.


Case Study: Always the Right Tool in Use

Modern manufacturing machines and tools are interconnected, generating vast amounts of data. These data become information only when not only provided but also visualized. Through networking, service work on manufacturing machines can be carried out effectively and cost-effectively. Tools are tracked and receive information about pre-settings. Thus, the employee knows immediately where the tool is and can tighten screws, for example, with pre-set force. A process optimization that saves time. Dex7 is capable of receiving and processing any machine-readable data format. Graphics and tables help to quickly and easily identify irregularities and changes in the process.

Learn more about our Dex7 IoT Platform.


Our Approach: Dex7 IoT – Smart Data Analytics Platform

With DextraData, you have an agile and experienced partner by your side. For over 25 years, we have been implementing IT and IoT projects across various industries. From Aviation to Finance and Healthcare to classic IT business – we embrace IoT.

With Dex7, we have developed an industry-agnostic IoT solution based on a flexible software platform. Deploying Dex7 follows the Plug & Produce principle: we place intelligent connectors and sensors directly where data is generated – in the analog and digital value creation processes of your company. Instead of in silos, data is now collected using Dex7. This connects all relevant actors and assets (devices, machines, applications, IT systems, and buildings) of your company on one platform, forming an interactive, digital value creation network. You gain the foundation for individual dashboards as well as the planning and simulation of holistic optimization strategies for your business.

Our goal is to support you in all phases of your digitalization projects. From entering the world of IoT and Networks of Business Things to becoming the central technological foundation for all aspects of your individual digitalization strategy.

Dex7 IoT Platform – Your Benefits

  • Technologically Independent

Regardless of manufacturers and communication technologies, utilization, temperature, and motion data are unified with machine- and product-specific meta-information from purchasing, planning, and controlling processes.

  • Structurally Well-Conceived

Structured and unstructured data can be aggregated, analyzed, and visualized as decision-relevant information thanks to the intuitive user interface.

  • Analytically Strong

Through powerful data analytics and artificial intelligence, operational technology (OT) can be linked with information and communication systems (IT), unleashing the full potential.


  • Mapping Use Cases

The agile software development of Dex7 allows for the rapid mapping of individual use cases to identify and effectively utilize optimization potentials.

  • Bring Your Own IoT

Dex7 embraces "Bring your own IoT". Already deployed IoT technology (e.g., sensors or tracking systems) can be consolidated within a platform as part of a digitalization strategy.

Tailored to Your Needs

As a flexible software platform, Dex7 adapts to your individual requirements. Whether you want to better plan price developments, predict customer behavior, or protect your business processes – experienced experts are by your side in every phase of the process. Your individual Dex7 IoT application(s) will be designed according to your preferences.

Benefit from

  • a broad technical and business expertise of our certified consultants.
  • experiences from hundreds of successful projects across all industries, serving as a guide and compass even in seemingly complex situations.
  • our in-house software development, where agile teams continuously add new, individual, valuable features to your application through regular iterations and within a short period.
  • an extensive network of technology partners, enabling even the most unusual use cases to become reality.

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