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Software for digitization in healthcare

In direct comparison with other sectors, the healthcare industry appears to be less digitized. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can catch up with suitable software solutions and technologies.

There is no way around digitizing the healthcare sector, as there is a pronounced shortage of skilled professionals in the medical field. Therefore, the goal is not to cut back on staff, but to attract and retain well-qualified professionals. Facilities with a good digital infrastructure will have better chances in this competition. Our software solutions eligible for funding under the Hospital Future Act (KHZG) relieve physicians, nurses, and functional staff, allowing them to focus on their core tasks.

Overview of Our Healthcare Solutions

VIBS9 Healthcare Lösung

Smart Process Communication for Hospitals


The »Visual Information Broadcasting System« (VIBS9) is a communication and process control system that digitizes the predominantly analog planned routine processes.

[Translate to DextraData Gmbh (en):] Dex7 IoT Healthcare Ultraschall

Location tracking, capacity management, and utilization optimization

Dex7 IoT Healthcare

Our Internet of Things platform interconnects medical devices and captures movement as well as utilization data. Processed, these data aid in efficiently utilizing resources cost-effectively.

OP Surgery Dex7 Healthcare Solutions

Real-time Data in the Operating Room - Mobile & Intuitive

Dex7 Timetable-App

The Dex7 Timetable app aids the surgical team in real-time capture of the 13 key time KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) related to an operation, according to KIS standards.


Our solutions: Compatible and Integrable into Clinical Practice

In most healthcare facilities, information systems and medical devices are already in place. It's crucial that software solutions are compatible with in-house systems and hardware. Medical facilities have less time than ever for complex installations, configurations, and training. The requirements for healthcare solutions are stringent—they must function reliably and adhere to strict data privacy standards. Solutions currently used in medical facilities often originate from other industries, making them impractical for doctors and nurses. Therefore, solutions must seamlessly integrate into clinical practice, be intuitive to use, and provide significant value to both the clinical staff and the facility.

KHZG Funding: Driving Hospital Digitization Forward

The digital transformation of hospitals is intended to be facilitated and accelerated by the Hospital Future Act (KHZG). The federal government has allocated three billion euros to enable clinics to invest in modern emergency capacities, digitization, and IT security. Until December 31, 2021, states can submit funding applications to the Federal Office for Social Security (BAS) based on the needs reported by hospital operators.

Together, we will realize your digitization roadmap. Our certified experts will advise you on eligible solutions.

Digital Solutions for Medical Facilities from a Single Source

With our comprehensive healthcare portfolio, we enable facilities in the healthcare sector to embrace digitization seamlessly: Instead of relying on isolated solutions or multiple providers, DextraData offers solutions for Smart Data Analytics/Management, IoT, Process Automation, and Integrated Security Management that can be easily integrated into any clinical environment. Our software platforms are compatible with each other, quickly installed, and intuitive to use. The digitization made possible by this reduces stress for staff and creates more time for patient care. The integration of IoT and Data Quality solutions enhances the economic performance of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

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