Dex7 IoT Platform

The smart platform for individual Internet of Things applications

Whether you want to improve processes, reduce costs, optimize the management of medical devices or get informed about the power consumption in your properties, the possibilities of an IoT solution are almost unlimited. The insights you gain from the sources and linkages of useful data supports you in your decision making, helps you to improve existing business processes and to digitize business models


Dex7 IoT Platform

Your way to faster and better decisions

Dex7 is our IoT Analytics platform for combining machine and sensor data from existing hardware and software products (or from solutions especially designed for your needs) and making it usable for your company. Through the linkage of things and the right data analysis you can creat added value for your company - from process optimization to decision making aide all the way to creating new business models. We help you to track them down, to use them properly and to master potential digitalization challenges.


Your guide in the IoT jungle

The internet of things offers the opportunity to walk paths which were considered impossible to walk up to now, it allows you to link unimaginable things with each other, the only prerequisit: These things have to communicate and understand each other via a IP network or a data bus. One hurdle is the heterogeneous data formats and protocols provided by the respective systems.

With Dex7 IoT, we have developed a 3rd level IoT solution for the industry that captures, transports, analyzes and visualizes all sorts of structured and unstructured data. This ranges from machine data from applications, mobile apps, websites, networks, servers, clouds, to security data provided by firewalls and endpoints all the way to customer data from support or social media.

DextraData experts support you on every level: from the development of business-oriented use cases to the identification of possible interfaces as well as the assessment of the quality of delivered data. With the help of our own data collectors, with our knowledge of data provisioning & enrichment (for example, via gateways, sensors) and using intelligent analytics tools (such as Splunk), we realize your individual solution.

As a technology partner and in cooperation with one of the largest sensor manufacturers, we use specially designed sensor solutions to determine information from your "things" which usually do not provide data by itself.

Dex7 IoT collects your desired information flexibly via landing stages and transfers only relevant information for further processing into an intelligent Data Lake. This saves time, reduces the volume of data and ensures better system performance.

Dex7 – Including analysis and visualization

The intelligent framework provides algorithms and data models that provide you with quick answers based on your data. Benefit from predefined dashboards, lists and reports that provide you with information for immediate further processing.

You already have visualization solutions such as Power BI or Tableau in use? Dex7 is designed in such a way that we can easily visualize the Dex7 information through your solution. If you need individual views, we develop them according to your needs.

Microsoft Power BI

Your requirement – we provide the suitable Dex7 IoT Platform

Whether you want to plan price developments better, predict consumer behavior, or protect your business from negative influences preventively - thanks to our agile Scrum software development, we design Dex7 IoT according to your needs and requirements.

In doing so, we support you as a sparring partner in gathering the current business processes and models and examining their quality, time and cost efficiency. Our certified consultants know the possibilities of digitization, have practical experience in dealing with the corresponding analytics tools and have implemented numerous use cases in various industries. Industry-independent and almost unlimited, Dex7 is tailor-made to your individual needs. Together, we can provide you with a Dex7-supported solution to improve the quality and efficiency of processes or reduce the costs for your business.

In the cloud or on-premises - this is how Dex7 IoT works

The agentless IoT application complements your IT environment with a so to speak visualization layer and does not interfere with your active IT systems or your "things". Specific landing stages collect, structure and visualize the delivered data which can then be used for decision support. The required security, privacy and compliance requirements are fully respected.


Whether you're using your IoT platform on-premises, in a private, public, or hybrid cloud, the Web interface gives you access to your information anytime, anywhere.

Dex7 IoT Platform

Your benefits

  •  Linking diverse data from any source

  •  Immediately receive answers from collected data

  •  Increase performance through focusing on processing data that is relevant to your business

  •  Identify the need for optimization quickly

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Brochure: Dex7 IoT Platform

Download the Dex7 IoT Platform brochure as PDF.


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